DIY Crafts Out of Carton Boxes

Sometimes, we really have to think out-of-the-box and be creative with all our umpteen carton boxes which use our living space instead of throwing them away. Yeah, these boxes are an awful eyesore but instead of immediately throwing them out, why not recycle them and turn them into crafty stuff. You will be amazed at what you can turn them too, believe us!

Crafty Ideas To Recycle Carton Boxes

If you can’t think of any way to reuse your carton boxes, Crafty Stuff got a few! Check some of our ideas below and you might come up with your own version to re-cycle and reuse your carton boxes at home.

DIY Planter


Those carton boxes from liquor stores or grocery stores are meant to be tough and can be used as a planter or growing place for your plants. Mostly, these are rectangular in shape which makes them easy to arrange on a patio. Just a few paint and decor, you can turn these boxes into a wonderful planter!

Desk Organizer

desk organizer

Cereal boxes & cardboard tubes can be recycled into desk organizers that are incredibly cute and creative! Simply decorate it using paper, flowers, stones, and buttons. You just need a pair of scissors or a cutter, decor materials, and glue!


Cardboard boxes can be used as storage and it is one of the easiest and useful ways to reuse your carton boxes. If you are not too artsy and crafty and too lazy to spend hours recycling, then you can just use it the way it is.


Your carton boxes, tape, and a pair of scissors are all you need to make awesome coasters on the fly. You may also use it as furniture sliders.  

Let Crafty Stuff know how you use or recycle your cardboard boxes. If we find it interesting, we might feature it on our next blog article. We would love to see your mail on with some pictures and instructions on how to use it.


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