Decorate your walls without problems

Sometimes, decorating an empty wall is not easy especially if you do not want to damage it with a drill or a couple of nails. That’s why you have to opt for other alternatives to dress up your wall without the hassle of holes and screws. To help you in this task, Crazy Stuff wrote this article to give you some tips for decorating your walls without having to use a hammer and nails.

Use Frames or Mirrors

Hang objects like frames or mirrors without drilling-you are quite classic in your decoration, you like frames, small mirrors … but you do not want or cannot break the wall because you are not very equipped with a drill or live in a rented apartment … The trick to take is to use special adhesive products to stick to the wall what you want to hang without damaging the wall and without hurting yourself. You can even put shelves and trinkets because this type of product is safe.

Use decorative tape to hang your photos directly on the wall: for a touch of decor and cheer on your wall, you can use decorative scotch with patterns to stick the memories of your photos. This will give a boost to your decor effortlessly and without large expenses.

Use Stickers

Use Stickers

Opt for stickers for a unique decor: stickers have been around for a long time but are often underestimated while they are the ideal solution if you want to decorate a wall in an original, economical and practical way. There are a variety of decorative stickers according to the desired style. In addition, its removal is as simple as its application: just soak the water sticker and scrape it with a wooden spatula so as not to scratch the paint on the wall.

If the adhesive has adhered too much and it is difficult to remove, you just need to use a hair dryer so that the glue melts. This will allow the adhesive to take off smoothly and gently. You can use the solvent to remove residual glues that persist.

Use Adhesive Hooks

Hang a tapestry or a beautiful texture with adhesive hooks – if none of the proposed alternatives could interest you, you will like it! All you need are adhesive hooks and webbing of your choice. In two-three movements, your wall decoration is ready!

Decorating the walls of the House has never been so beautiful with Crazy Stuff!


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