Clay Modeling - Fun Activity For Kids

Clay modeling is a fun activity for kids recommended by Crafty Stuff, particularly when playing with those colored clays from Play-Doh. You can use other brands, yeah, but I’d like those that get hard when you put them in the oven – is that FIMO? Anyway, molding clay is very entertaining. You can build a clay-animal zoo, where you can engage your kiddos by teaching them how to make animals out of clay, cages, the pathways, even the zoo entrance. This kids activity will surely keep them engaged for a while. I highly recommend that you do this with them because it is the best way to keep them interested. Moreover, you could drop interesting information or facts about certain animals.

What is Clay Modeling

Clay modeling is a form of sculpting where we use clay to create figures or models.

It is a fun activity for kids, beginners, even for seasoned sculptors.

Types Of  Clay


There are many different kinds of clay. The popular choice is ceramic clay, a water-based type that is made from raw materials.

Ther is also an Oil-based that is made from a mixture of oils, wax, and clay. Because oils do not evaporate, oil-based clays last long even when left in dry surroundings.

Polymer clay is recommended by Crafty Stuff for children. It is commonly used by kids and is heavily available in hobby and art stores.

Benefits of Clay Modelling

Colorful stuff like clays attracts kids even adults. That is why clay modeling is beneficial for the brain development of your kids.

It enhances the creativity

This activity encourages your kids to build simple figure and patterns. Hence they also learn new stuff while clay modeling.

It increases concentration and attention span

Kids’ imagination runs wild while they spend time modeling clays.

Improves hand and eye coordination

Clay modeling improves your kids’ hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it is an activity that will never bore them.

Playing with clays will help your kids to explore their mind that is full of wonderful ideas. It will also teach your kids cool ways to try to make something beautiful out of the waste.  


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