5 Creative Activities for Kids

There are funny works of art here to stimulate creativity in the Camp, or when the children are at home from school.

Here there are some creative art and craft activities that children can perform alone (depending on the age of course). The best part is that the materials are cost-effective and easily accessible. Most of them can be found in the dollar store in your neighborhood.

1.     Doodle Art

Paper and drawing materials (bookmarks, crayons, crayons) are all you need for this activity, where children simply draw some lines with a bookmark on paper and then fill the spaces with colors. Or children can go a step further and monsters and insects hidden in their drawings. Doodles are great because you never know what could develop.

2.     Puppets

I am always surprised how much children (even the biggest) make puppeteers, play dolls and talk to dolls. Creating such hand puppets is easy. All you need are a few pieces of felt and thread, scissors, Bouncing eyes, and glue. There are many kits that make the dolls is super easy (like these dolls made of felt and all the necessary accessories, The Discount School Supply), or they collect the supplies on account and let their children carry socks strangers.

3.     Jewelry

I still have to meet a child who doesn’t love bills. Boys, girls, young, old … matter. Everybody loves them. When you give a child a bank account container and a pair of needle or silk cleaners, they automatically begin to ignite it. It’s like magic. The key is to build a variety of accounts, rather than just a small bag. You take a flat Plastic container (with lid) and fill it with accounts, the download in the craft or dollar store find. Your work is done.

4.     Stone Monsters

To make Stone monsters, you need stones, jumping eyes, paint and glue. If the thought of painting makes you nervous, then stick to the markers. You can provide your children with a few pieces of thread and other items that you can glue to your rock.

5.     Clay Modeling

Whether you want to buy Play-Doh at the Store or make your own playdough at home, the children will have hours of fun, turning it in drops, flowers, fruits, pizzas, or whatever. Now I know what you’re thinking, Play Doh is the devil’s work. And maybe you’re right. It can be messy and it is a real pain to take off (and barefoot!). But I have a solution. Throw an old sheet (or tablecloth or shower curtain) on your table before taking out the supplies. When the children are finished, pull together the corners of the blade, drag it out and shake the pieces before they have a Chance to infiltrate the entire house. In addition, the net mass (the recipe found at the end of this publication) is much easier to clean than the purchased (and biodegradable) in the store. Or you can test Model Magic to obtain a sponge-shaped modeling material that sticks only to itself.


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